Consulting Services

Johnson Trube and Associates can help determine the best course of action for private or public sector real estate decisions. From determining the proper use of a parcel to finding funding for a development, JTA will be there every step of the way.

We specialize in due diligence, research and project feasibility analysis, zoning and land use entitlement, land use application preparation, and management of the entitlement, public hearing, and development permitting process. Our professional consulting services include government and community relations, zone variances, and conditional use permits, project appeals and responses to permit enforcement actions, environmental remediation and disposition strategies.

Our consulting services include but are not limited to:

Planning/Project Design
Assist clients while planning for future uses
Plan for appropriate project designs given land use issues and zoning
Manage consultant teams while in due diligence, land use exploration and permit processes

Application preparation & submittal including review process & hearings
Dwelling approvals
Conditional use permits
Flood plain and geologic permits
Various state and federal development permits and leases
Comprehensive plan amendments
Zone changes
Land divisions, replats & property line adjustments
Planned developments

Project Development
Site evaluations and due diligence before you buy
Assistance in meeting permit conditions
Coordination with professionals and legal services to resolve problems
Support resolving various property issues
We emphasize a strategic, win-win approach to meeting our clients’ goals throughout the land use planning process. We address the complex issues of land-use regulations and zoning constraints, prepare precise project descriptions, contact key public officials and government agency staff, identify the appropriate entitlement process, and prepare detailed application packages for our clients. 

Johnson Trube & Associates has a proven track record of successfully achieving entitlements for complex real estate projects. We excel at navigating through the maze of policies, permits and politics. Bringing a sense of urgency and a tenacious attitude to maintaining schedules and critical milestones is a hallmark trait of ours. 

We strive to create certainty and predictably throughout the process for our partners and clients. If your company, community, or organization is considering a planning project, Johnson Trube & Associates can provide the unique skills and expertise necessary to initiate any type of planning or development effort.

Full service real estate  Development, brokerage 

& consulting firm


JTA will be there every step of the way.